LX16 plus (6593230897251)
LX16 plus (6593230897251)
LX16 plus (6593230897251)
LX16 plus (6593230897251)
LX16 plus (6593230897251)
LX16 plus (6593230897251)
LX16 plus (6593230897251)
LX16 plus (6593230897251)

Woodpecker LX16 plus Dental Diode Laser

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Woodpecker LX 16 Plus

LX 16 PLUS is a new generation of lasers: with three wavelengths (blue, red, infrared), it is the ideal instrument for all the therapies adopted in dentistry. The touch screen, high-performance lithium battery, and autoclavable quick-attaching fiber tips make it a simple, reliable, and sterile product


  • Dental soft tissue surgery
  • Endodontic sterilization
  • Periodontal sterilization
  • Peri-implantitis
  • Low-intensity laser therapy
  • Oral ulcer, and Teeth whitening. 


 Salient Features:

  • Sophisticated technology that mitigates bleeding during the operation and maximally minimizes the postoperative swelling, reduces the pain of the patient, thereby accelerating the recovery. 
  • 5200 mAh Battery that lasts for a week on a single charge.
  • Ergonomically designed handpiece with On/Off button and removable handpiece cover, which is autoclavable.
  • Autoclavable fiber tips with quick connection 
  • With the intuitive touchscreen, selecting the desired treatment is made easier than ever before and the included mini-guide assists the user in executing the treatment.
  • CE Certified, UK power plug, Two years warranty



Innovative Three Wavelengths Blue Semiconductor Laser Therapy Device

1.The innovative 450 nm blue laser technology is ideal for soft tissue cutting, ablation, coagulation, and incision/excision. At 450 nm, the absorption constant of haemoglobin is two orders of magnitude for ordinary lasers (e.g. 980nm/810nm), making it only need very low laser power to complete the treatment. The thermal damage during treatment is extremely high low.
2. 976nm is a traditional infrared dental laser. Due to its deep penetration in tissues, it is widely used for the reduction of bacteria in periodontal disease and endodontic diseases. At the same time, this wavelength is also suitable for high power laser treatment (HPLT) and pain reduction in TMJ.
3. The 650 nm laser is used for low-Level laser therapy (LLLT) effects. It is also known as the photobiomodulation (PBM) effect. It will contribute to wound healing and bio-stimulation of dental surgery.


 Supplied accessories:

- 6 Fiber optical kit (3 tips each)
- 1 Desensitization tip
- 1 Whitening tip
- 3 Biostimulation tip
- 1 Handpiece with 2 autoclavable  cover
- 1 Pedal
- 3 Goggles laser protection

Technical parameters:

  • Power adapter input:100-240Vac,50/60Hz,2.5A
  • Emission modes: CW (continuous wave), chopped 1 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Aiming beam: 650 ± 20 nm /Pmax< 5mW
  • Rechargeable battery: 11.1V/2600mAh x2 (57.7Wh)
  • Time consumption for charging: about 4h (5 hours for first charging)

Two weeks free trial available (Please contact us for more details)