DTE Woodpecker Ai-Pex (6622039638115)
DTE Woodpecker Ai-Pex (6622039638115)
DTE Woodpecker Ai-Pex (6622039638115)

DTE Woodpecker Ai-Pex Apex Locator with Pulp tester function

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  • Description

DTE Woodpecker Ai-Pex

  • Equipped with clear bright LCD, clear image and different colors indicate the trajectory of the file clearly.
  • Based on advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement technologies and automatic calibrating ensure the measurements are accurate.
  • The File clip, Lip hook, Touch probe, and Pulp tester probe can be autoclaved under high temperature and high pressure. Avoiding cross infection effectively.
  • The battery is rechargeable, unnecessary to replace batteries repeatedly.
  • Measurement results not affected by tooth type
  • Foldable with adjustable viewing angle 
  • CE Certified with 24 months UK warranty
  • Package Included: 

    1. Ai-Pex Main Unit x 1
    2. Measuring Wire x 1 
    3. File Clips x 4 
    4. Hooks x 5
    5. Touch Probes x 2 
    6. Pulp Tester Probes x 2 
    7. Adapter x 1 
    8. Tester x 1
    9. Power Lead x 1 

    Also Included: Warranty Card, Instruction Maual, Certification, Instruction Card for apical stop, & Troubleshooting guide. 

  • Free one pack M taper rotary files worth £17.88