Dental Woodpecker LED Ultrasurgery Surgical Piezo Bone Surgery with 2 LED Handpiece + 14 Tips (4120000725091)

Dental Woodpecker LED Ultrasurgery Surgical Piezo Bone Surgery with 2 LED Handpiece + 14 Tips

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  • Description
Three main functions: bone, root, clean
      • The function of bone is mainly used for dental surgery, such as dental extraction, bone grafting, osteogenic distraction, endodontic surgery, alveolar nerve decompression,cyst removal, osteoplasty, bone harvesting techniques and periodontic surgery. etc.
      • The function of root is mainly for mechanical ultrasonic treatment, such as periodontic, endodontic and prevention treatment.
      • Handpiece, cable, tip holder, working tip and torque wrench can be autoclaved under the high temperature of 135°C and the pressure of 0.22Mpa.
      • LED handpiece that offers clear visibility 
      • Cutting efficiency better than other marketed products
      • The perfect monitor and alarm function of working process ensures the safety of the machine and surgery.
      • Original Woodpecker product with authenticity verification code.
      • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

       Special offer: Free 5 Extra Tips worth £200


      1 x Main Unit, 2 x LED Handpieces with cord, 14 x Tips, 2 x Tip Holders, 1 x Torque Wrench, 1 x Foot Switch, 1 x Pump connector, 1 x Surgical Tray, 1 x Suit case, 1 x Rod, 1 x connector etc.

      14 Tips Includes:

      • Basic Kit - US1, US2, US3, US4, US5
      • Sinus Lift Kit - UL1, UL2, UL3, UL4, UL5
      • Osteotomy Kit - US1L, US1R
      • Implant Prep Kit - UI2
      • Extraction Kit - UC1


      Selective cut

      Maximum safety for the soft tissues 

      Versatile Application

      Bone surgery, Sinus lift, Extraction, Implant preparation, Periodontic, Endodontic

      Robust working modes

      Bone modes offers high cutting efficiency while Perio & Endo mode ensures precise treatment with stable power output

      Water cooling cold cutting

      Cold cutting mode produces very low heat and provides cellular viability


      Optimized handpiece without overheat. High brightness LED brings clearer vision

      Micrometric cuts

      Maximum surgical precision and intra-operative sensibility