Ai Ray (8905265512758)
Ai Ray (8905265512758)
Ai Ray (8905265512758)
Ai Ray (8905265512758)
Ai Ray (8905265512758)
Ai Ray (8905265512758)
Ai Ray (8905265512758)
Ai Ray (8905265512758)
Ai Ray (8905265512758)

Woodpecker Ai-Ray Portable, Hand Held X-Ray Machine


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  • Hand-held portable X-ray unit. 
  • Compact and portable design. 
  • Point and shoot function. 
  • Advanced technology to capture high-quality x-ray images. 
  • Portable so can move between surgeries. 
  • Focused beam and lead casing. 
  • Intuitive control panel.
  • Purely imported Japan Canon high-frequency X-ray tube
  • Ensure X-ray output stability

Super High Performance - High Efficiency

  • Emission power up to 210W
  • Shorter exposure time with high-power
  • Achieve stable, accurate and quick photography of different tooth positions

Various Photographic Methods - Easy to operate

  • Built-in remote control receiving circuit and holder interface, can be connected to the wired remote controller and triangle holder.
  • A variety of photographing methods are available, ensuring safer photographing and easier operation.
Angle Correction
  • Corresponding photographing angle reference values provide for different tooth positions during the photography,
  • keep the patient in the correct sitting position and adjust the dental X-ray device to obtain the best photographing angle and improve efficiency. 

    Detailed DENTALFILMS - More Reliability

    • 0.4mm focus X-ray tube
    • Provide high-quality and clearer images for various diagnostic needs

    High-capacity Battery- Longer Endurance

    • 15000mAh high-capacity power lithium battery delivers a longer endurance.
    • More than 1,500 dental films can be taken under a full charge.
    • Takes 4hrs. to fully charge

    Maximum Efficiency and Safety

    • Constant DC high frequency and voltage-current output
    • Ensure that X-ray output is not affected by battery voltage fluctuations
    • Unique internal design and lead shield
    • Efficiently minimize the X-ray leakage
    • Maximize the protection of operators from ionizing radiation
    • 2.8 Inch capacitive touch screen
    • Over 110 dental X-rays can be taken after 5 mins. of charge 

    Key Specs:

    Power adapter input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A
    Internal power supply: DC 10.8V
    Types of radiation: X-ray

    Electric power:

    • Maximum power: 0.21kw(70kV, 3mA, 0.1s)
    • Nominal electric power: 0.21kw(70kV, 3mA, 0.1s)

    Tube voltage: tube voltage output is fixed at 70kV, error ±10%
    Tube current: tube current output is fixed at 3mA, error ±20%
    Loading time: the exposure loading time adjustment range is 0.02s~2s, the grade is adjustable, and the grade is selected according to the R'10 numerical system; with deviation ±(10%+1ms)

    X-ray tube :

    • X-ray tube model: D-045;
    • Focal spot: 0.4mm;
    • Target angle: 12.5°;
    • Total filtration: 1.5mmAl/70 kV;
    • Additional filtration: 0.5mmAl/70 kV

    Distance from focus to skin: 20cm
    Output radiation field: Φ6cm±0.6cm
    Product specifications :

    • Dimension: 114mm×363.8mm×245.6mm
    • Weight: 2.4KG

    Battery specification: 10.8V/2450~15000mAh

    Operation environment :

    • Environment temperature: 10°C ~ 40°C
    • Relative humidity: 30% ~ 75%
    • Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa

    Transportation and storage conditions:

    • Storage temperature: -20°C ~ 55°C
    • Transportation temperature: -20°C ~ 55°C
    • Relative humidity: 10% ~ 93%
    • Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa 

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