Woodpecker i Scan - Touch screen Wireless Imaging Plate Scanner (6561978876003)
Woodpecker i Scan - Touch screen Wireless Imaging Plate Scanner (6561978876003)

Woodpecker iScan - Touch screen Wireless Imaging Phosphore Plate Digital Scanner

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  • Description
The compact powerful device is particularly easy to use and requires a minimum of space – so that it can be installed in the treatment room. The advantage: X-ray and scanning directly at the chairside for dentist. 
  • Effective, clear imaging for reliable & accurate diagnosis
  • Ultra-High Resolution, 7" Touch Screen Display
  • Powerful 8 Core CPU for a clearer, smoother image
  • Intuitive, simple, One-touch operation
  • Accurate image processing
  • Flexible, simple use with wireless connection
  • Sleek, compact design to fit your surgery 
  • Easily use the i Scan alongside your chair with Chairside Mode
  • Can be used solely as touch screen, or connected to a mouse and keyboard for use as in independent Computer Unit Or connect wirelessly to device
  • Unlimited digital viewing with wireless connection - View across Smart phones, Tablets & Computers as well as the Main unit
  • Wireless functions allow for mobile viewing & improves Doctor-Patient communication
  • Ultra-thin imaging plates which can be reused over 1000 times
  • Compatible to all 4 plate sizes (0-3) to allow for various tooth positions
  • 0.4mm plates, softer than conventional films
  • CE certified 2 Year Warranty

    Kit includes:

             Main i Scan Unit x 1, Power Lead x 1, IP Imaging Plate #0  x 1, IP Imaging Plate             #1  x 1, IP Imaging Plate #2  x 2 , Protective Barrier Envelope #0, Protective                   Barrier Envelope #1, Protective Barrier Envelope #2, Protective Card for IP                     Imaging Plate #0 x 1, Protective Card for IP Imaging Plate #1 x 1, Protective Card           for IP Imaging Plate #2 x 2, Plate Storage Case With Clear Lid, Lockable Metal               Storage Case For i Scan Unit, USB Software, Wireless Dual Band Adapter with                 Free Driver, Instruction Manual