Unveiling the Top Endo Motors in the UK: A Closer Look at Woodpecker's Finest at Vsdent.

In the realm of endodontics, precision and efficiency are paramount, and having the right equipment can make all the difference. One name that stands out in the UK market for endo motors is Woodpecker. With a commitment to quality and innovation, they offer a range of cutting-edge products designed to meet the needs of dental professionals. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best endo motors available from Woodpecker at Vsdent, with a focus on key products that are revolutionising the field.

Woodpecker Smart - A Bluetooth Endo Motor (Lava Orange)

Let's start with a game-changer - the Woodpecker Smart Bluetooth Endo Motor. In a vibrant Lava Orange color, this device not only catches the eye but also boasts advanced technology. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless communication with other devices, streamlining your workflow. Imagine the convenience of monitoring and controlling your endo motor through a smartphone or tablet. The Woodpecker Smart A is not just a tool; it's a smart investment in the future of endodontics.

Few of it’s innovative features are:

  • Smart app control for watch, Android & IOS
  • Smart control to record patient data & treatment plans
  • Voice Assist – VVI
  • Built-in Apex locator
  • Mini insulated 6:1 contra angle handpiece
  • Classic reciprocating mode
  • Magnetic absorption charging
  • Wireless foot pedal
  • Compatible with different file systems


Ai-Motor Endo Motor With T-Mode

Another standout product from Woodpecker is the Ai-Motor Endo Motor with T-Mode. This endo motor takes precision to the next level with its T-Mode feature. This technology optimizes torque and rotation speed, providing unparalleled control during root canal procedures. The Ai-Motor is not just about power; it's about finesse and accuracy, ensuring that every movement is precisely executed for optimal results.

Benefits of Ai-Motor

  • 360º rotatable contra-angle
  • Can use any file system
  • Convenient wireless charging
  • 6:1 contra angle
  • 2000mAh lithium battery
  • Front center of gravity
  • Three times longer service life
  • Software upgrades are available
  • High-performance brushless motor
  • Adjustable reciprocating angle (10º intervals, range from 20º to 340º )
  • An accurate rotating angle reduces the risk of instrument fracture and enables higher preparation efficiency
  • Smooth rotation and lower noise make treatment more comfortable and relaxing for patients
  • Strong power paired with stable and accurate torque output, improves efficiency in root canal preparation 

Woodpecker Motopex Brushless Endodontic Motor With Integrated Apex Locator

Integrating an apex locator with an endodontic motor is a game-changer, and the Woodpecker Motopex does it seamlessly. The brushless motor ensures durability and precision, while the integrated apex locator enhances efficiency in determining the root canal length. This 2-in-1 solution simplifies procedures, making it a must-have for any modern dental practice.


  • Super compact and lightweight, brushless motor
  • Wide range of speed and torque settings
  • Pre-programmed file systems
  • Compatible with all reciprocating systems with the capability to change forward and reverse angles for optimum safety and control
  • Cordless handpiece
  • Auto Stop Reverse Function
  • Wireless charging with 90 minutes working time on a full charge
  • 360 degree rotatable, 6:1 mini contra-angle head

Woodpecker Brushless Endo Motor - Endo Pace

Precision meets speed with the Woodpecker Endo Pace Brushless Endo Motor. This device is designed to deliver high torque at low speeds, allowing for precise control during intricate procedures. The brushless technology ensures longevity and reliability, making the Endo Pace a valuable addition to any dental toolkit.

Highlighting Features

  • Slim neck
  • Precise rotation
  • Lower noise
  • Balance weight
  • Built-in Apex Locator
  • Integrated Length Determination makes Endodontic treatment safer and more efficient
  • Real-Time Display of file location in the canal
  • 340 Degree Rotatable Contra Angle
  • Front centre of gravity


Woodpecker Endomatic Endo Motor with Apex Locator

The Woodpecker Endomatic Endo Motor with Apex Locator combines power and intelligence. With an integrated apex locator, this motor aids in accurate determination of the working length, enhancing the success rate of root canal treatments. The Endomatic is a testament to Woodpecker's commitment to innovation and efficiency in endodontics.

It has all the features of Endo Pace + more

  • Auto Stop Reverse Function
  • Push button autoclavable miniature head
  • 9 distinct programmable modes


Woodpecker Endo Smart Micro Motor With Cordless Handpiece

For those who value flexibility and mobility, the Woodpecker Endo Smart Micro Motor with Cordless Handpiece is the ideal choice. The cordless design provides freedom of movement, while the micro motor ensures precise control. This device is a perfect blend of convenience and performance for busy dental professionals.

This model has all the features of endo pace but it woks only with a gear ration of 1:1 (100-100 RPM).

Lastly, in the world of endodontics, having the right tools can significantly impact the success of procedures. Vsdent's range of endo motors, highlighted by the Woodpecker’s Smart A, Ai-Motor, Motopex, Endo Pace, Endomatic, and Endo Smart Micro Motor, showcase the pinnacle of innovation in the field. These devices not only meet the highest standards of quality but also provide dental professionals in the UK with the precision and efficiency they need for successful root canal treatments. All these equipments are CE certified to UK Standards and come with a 12months warranty.  Explore Vsdent’s collection and accelerate your endodontic practice to new heights.

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