Revolutionizing Dental Imaging: Introducing the Ai-Ray Portable Hand-Held X-Ray Device

In the ever-evolving landscape of dental technology, advancements continue to reshape the way dental professionals operate, enhancing both efficiency and patient care. One such innovation making waves is the Woodpecker Ai-Ray Portable Hand-Held X-Ray Machine, a compact and powerful device that is set to revolutionize dental imaging.

Compact, Portable, and Powerful

The Ai-Ray stands out for its remarkable features, starting with its hand-held, portable design. Unlike traditional X-ray machines that are bulky and stationary, the Ai-Ray offers the flexibility to move between surgeries with ease. Its compact size belies its powerful capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for modern dental practices.

Cutting-Edge Technology for High-Quality Imaging

Equipped with advanced technology, the Ai-Ray ensures the capture of high-quality X-ray images with every use. Its purely imported Japan Canon high-frequency X-ray tube guarantees stability in X-ray output, resulting in crisp and clear images essential for accurate diagnosis.

Unparalleled Performance and Efficiency

The Ai-Ray boasts super-high performance with an emission power of up to 210W, enabling shorter exposure times without compromising image quality. This translates to stable, accurate, and quick photography of different tooth positions, enhancing both efficiency and patient comfort.

Easy to Operate, Versatile in Functionality

With its intuitive control panel and point-and-shoot function, the Ai-Ray is incredibly easy to operate, even for novice users. It offers various photographic methods, including built-in remote control capabilities, ensuring safer photography and streamlined operation.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount in dental procedures, and the Ai-Ray prioritizes this with its focused beam, lead casing, and unique internal design. These features efficiently minimize X-ray leakage, maximizing protection for both operators and patients from ionizing radiation.

Light Weight and Long-Lasting Battery

One of the standout features of the Ai-Ray is its lightweight design, setting it apart from its competitors. Weighing just 2.4kg, it offers unmatched portability without compromising on performance. Additionally, its high-capacity 15000mAh lithium battery ensures longer endurance, with over 1,500 dental films possible on a single charge.

Specifications and Environmental Considerations

The Ai-Ray's specifications underscore its reliability and versatility, with dimensions of 114mm×363.8mm×245.6mm and a battery voltage ranging from 10.8V to 15000mAh. It operates within a temperature range of 10°C to 40°C and is designed to withstand transportation and storage conditions from -20°C to 55°C.

In conclusion, the Woodpecker Ai-Ray Portable Hand-Held X-Ray Machine represents a significant advancement in dental imaging technology. Its combination of portability, high performance, and safety features makes it an indispensable tool for dental professionals seeking to enhance their practice. As the dental industry continues to evolve, innovations like the Ai-Ray pave the way for improved patient care and diagnostic accuracy

Woodpecker Ai-Ray Portable HandHeld X-Ray Machine

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