Dental Dam (8906960339254)
Dental Dam (8906960339254)
Dental Dam (8906960339254)
Dental Dam (8906960339254)
Dental Dam (8906960339254)
Dental Dam (8906960339254)

Dental Dam - Large


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Dental Dam | VSDent

100% Natural Latex Rubber Dam Sheet for Dental Procedures - Imported from Malaysia with High Tear Tolerance and Excellent Flexibility


  • Safe material: Medical grade natural rubber for non-toxic, non-irritating use
  • Flexible design: High plasticity adapts to different mouth shapes
  • Effective absorption: The grooved surface absorbs liquid, keeping the mouth dry
  • Anti slip surface: Rubber viscosity prevents slipping during procedures
  • Eco friendly: Natural material, simple production, environmentally friendly


  • 6" x 6" (152 x 152 mm)

Packaging includes the following:

  • 36pcs/box

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