DMP SINGLE BOND 5ml (Light Cure) (4119990141027)

DMP Single Bond 5ml (Light Cure)


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DMP Single Bond 5ml (Light Cure) | VSDent

SINGLE BONDING is a one component of light curing adhesive material for the bonding of enamel and dentin in aesthetic restorations. It combines primer and adhesives into a solution to be applied after etching enamel and dentin simultaneously (the total-etch wet-bonding technique). It is a solvent free material and its mechanical properties show a bond strength to dentin of over 28MPa. It is compatible with composites of other brands.

  • One-component light-curing adhesive for enamel and dentin bonding in aesthetic restorations.
  • Combines primer and adhesives for total-etch wet-bonding technique.
  • Solvent-free material with bond strength to dentin exceeding 28MPa.
  • Compatible with composites from other brands.

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