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Midmark DentiSure N18 and N23 N-Class Non Vacuum Autoclave Incl. Printer and USB Logger


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Midmark DentiSure N18 and N23 N-Class Non Vacuum Autoclave Incl. Printer and USB Logger | VSDent

N18 starting from £ 3,200.00 + VAT
N18 + USB Logger starting from £ 3,400.00 + VAT

N23 starting from £ 3,750.00 + VAT
N23 + USB Logger starting from £ 3,950.00 + VAT

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Our sterilizers are innovative and incorporate leading technologies designed for high performance. The DentiSure sterilizer range also has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Available in B, S or N Class and in 18 or 23 liters, DentiSure is the perfect solution for busy practices requiring a high throughput.

Door Locking: Motor-operated door locking guarantees total safety, greater ease of handling, and reliable self-regulation of the hatch.

Built in Printer: A standard accessory that during the sterilization process, an automatic print-out records the entire procedure, thereby providing a permanent record of every sterilization cycle. The paper printout can then be kept and attached to your files for a complete and accurate record.

USB Port: Automatic digital cycle recording on USB stick (optional).

Friendly Interface: A multilingual software with four buttons for simpler navigation to all sterilization options. The LCD shows current information about your sterilization cycles and alerts you on errors or service needs.

Suitable: Dentistry, unwrapped solid loads

QuikSteam™: Midmark exclusive QuikSteam™ patented technology ensures up to 20% accelerated cycle times, with lower energy consumption

Water Quality Sensor: Our sterilizers are additionally protected by including a water quality sensor, as standard. The quality of the water is therefore constantly monitored. The display informs the user whether the water used for sterilization is good.

Power Consumption: 2400 W

IN Compliance: EN 13060 and PED 2014/68/EU 


18 liters made of thick one-piece moulded steel.

23 liters made of thick one-piece moulded steel.

Tray Dimensions:

4 Tray System as Standard

185W x 285D x 18H (mm)

4 Tray System as Standard

185W x 440D x 18H (mm)

Chamber Capacity:

18 L

23 L


52 Kg (without accessories)

58 Kg (without accessories)

External Dimensions:

505W x 615D x 400H (mm)

505W x 690D x 400H (mm)


Type ‘N’ Class Cycles (Non-Vacuum)

  • Air removal in type N sterilizers is achieved by passive displacement with steam. They are non-vacuum sterilizers designed for non-wrapped solid instruments. Also known as gravity displacement autoclaves
  • Devices that are wrapped (the term 'wrapped' includes sterilization pouches) and devices that are hollow or have lumens cannot be sterilized in this type of sterilizer.
  • Generally not suitable for use in Animal Health

Additional cost:

  • Installation, warranty & liability £624.00 + Vat
    The installation will include basic user training, please allow 2 hrs for installation & training. The warranty is 2 years or 1500 cycles, whichever comes sooner. 

Additional Services available from Dentalex:

Services in which Dentalex offers:
Servicing, HTM01-05 Validations & PSSR2000 examinations, please see below for current charges:

  • Servicing (Annual or every 1000 cycles; whichever comes sooner)
    From £312.80 + Vat
  • Annual service and validation 
    From £494.80 + Vat
  • PSSR2000 Examinations (alongside servicing)
    From £105.00 + Vat

The above services can be arranged through Vsdent.

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