Woodpecker PT - A Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher (4706466267235)

Woodpecker PT - A Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher

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  • Description
  • Air polishing+ Ultrasonic periodontal treatment + Endodontic treatment + Implant maintenance with single equipment
  • Self-contained scaler. Water supply from a water bottle so no external water connection
  • Automatic frequency tracking system searches for the best working frequency
  • Detachable handpiece and fully autoclavable
  • Features General, Perio and Endo functions  
  • Constant power output and more comfortable scaling
  • No heating in handpiece for greater patient comfort
  • CE Certified with 24 months warranty for unit & 12 months warranty for handpieces
  • Woodpecker polishing powder available - £59.90 for pack of 4 bottles
  • Finance option available, please call for further information
  • Call now for 14 days free trial 


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