Zilfor Sanistation (9135847735606)
Zilfor Sanistation (9135847735606)
Zilfor Sanistation (9135847735606)
Zilfor Sanistation (9135847735606)

Zilfor Sanistation


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Zilfor Sanistation | VSDent

The Zilfor Sanistation is a brand new Zilfor product that is designed to be both practical and stylish in providing the necessities for the workplace. 

The niches, which accommodate gloves, masks, sanitising liquid and shoe covers, are marked with identification plates and numbered in such a way as to communicate a precise sequence of use.

As for the replenishment and removal of disposable devices, you have two comfortable doors located on the back. Upon request, the closure can be equipped with a lock and key. This cabinet in the back of the Zilfor Sanistation can be used to store additional replacement material.

The Zilfor Sanistation is a project created to bring together all the material necessary for the proper performance of any activity in a single device, suitable for any space and easy to clean thanks to the rounding present in the corners. In order to guarantee hygiene, each product is removed by avoiding contact with the structure.

Thanks to a design philosophy based on flexible mobility, the Zilfor Sanistation can be easily transported to any space using the two wheels on the back and is immediately functional since it does not require any electrical connection.

Full customisation is available in all of the colours in the RAL system in both a gloss or matte finish. 

Please contact us on 080067 85034  or email us sales@vsdent.com for further details.

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